Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Edward's lullaby "River flows in You"

OK, i admit dat i'm deeply poison by "twilight" series... i haven read any english of the novel in d past 25 year. None, never read any of it... twilight broke my record by finishing d series... none of d english novel dat will make me into it soooo deeply... "is my personal brand of Heroin" wahaha... then desperately, go n look for d soundtrack, n also music scores... Hav everything dat related to twilight, i'm hopeles.. OMG... Well dis is d song by Yiruma, "river flows in you" which is d Edward Cullen's song... Bella's lullaby not dat nice... i prefer dis 1... wahahahha... Thanks to twilight, i get to noe dis korea composer... most of his pieces r vy emo n sad melody... but is vy vy beautiful work... you guys may search for more of his performance from youtube.

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d7 said...

hey there yvonne..
dunno whether it was still my server problem or ur video..
coz today also i tried but still cant watch ur video ;(
anyway, wanna wish ya happy chinese new year.. gong xi fatt chai!!
may this coming yr brings u happiness, success, prosperity, and good luck!! ;)
tc ya!!